(Residential CA, WA & OR State only or All 50 States for Commercial/Business Purpose Loans)

1. Click: APPLY NOW
2. Select LONG Application or download a  Loan Application
3. Create an account on the first page of the online application
4. Choose a loan officer from on the drop down list and proceed with the application
​5. Remit payment below to Paypal for the Credit & Automated Pre-Approval Fee
6. Submit income, assets and identification (A thru D below) via our secured company link: , email to secured company email  or fax to our secured eFax line ​866-598-9987. 

a. (Download below) Complete the Credit Card Auth Form (or remit payment below to thru Paypal ($55 charge for Pre-Approval) and Borrower's Auth Form
b. Most recent 2 Years Signed & Filed IRS 1040/Business Tax Returns, W2, 1099, and the most recent 30 days of Pay Stubs showing YTD totals

​​c. Most recent two months Bank/Assets Statements (Checking/Savings, CD, Retirement Accounts, Stocks, etc.)

​d. A Clear Copy of your Current Driver's License and Social Security Card (scanned preferred) (resident alien card - front and back if applicable)

You will receive a confirmation email of the receipt of your application and required documents. You will receive a call from a PMC representative to confirm your pre-approval and they will explain to you the next steps to take for your loan approval.


Credit Report & Automated Approval Fee Payment $55

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Loan application timeline

*** For Quick Closings We Need All Required Docs Upfront ***

1. PMC Receives Completed Online Application and receipt of items 1-6 (above)

2. PMC pulls credit, analyze the complete application and render a credit decision.  If needed, PMC will issue a pre-approval letter and/or DU approval (up to 24 Hours)

3. PMC emails the broker disclosures to the borrower(s) to sign and return with any additional documents requested (up to 24 Hours)

4. PMC collects any additional required loan application documents (Verification of Employment/Mortgage/Rental History/Deposit, Hazard/Flood Policy Binder, Title/Escrow Docs, etc.) (up to 24 Hours)

5. PMC submits the loan application to the appropriate lender once all required documents are received (complete submission is required by all lenders)

6. Lender registers the submission and issues their e-disclosures to the borrower (up to 72 Hours)

7. The appraisal may not be ordered after the lender disclosures have been emailed or after the borrower acknowledges the lender issues e-disclosures (same day allowed)

8. PMC Receives lender approval and proceeds to clear conditions and the rate lock can be completed and docs can be requested (up to 72 Hours)

9. Lender will re-disclose to the borrower(s) usually by email (up to 24 Hours)

10. Once the lender has given a clear to close (CTC) the loan will go through Quality control (QC) is done with a 2nd level review by the lender/investor (48 Hours)

11. Lender clears the file for docs (up to 48 Hours)

12. Escrow receives docs and prepares it for signing with a Notary (up to 24 Hours)

13. The borrower(s) signs the loan documents

14. The seller signs (If Purchase)

15. Signed loan documents are sent back to the lender by Escrow (up to 24 Hours)

16. The lenders reviews the signed docs and issues funding conditions (up to 48 Hours)

17. PMC and Escrow will coordinate to meet the funding conditions

18. Then lender funds the loan, releases the wire to Escrow (up to 24 Hours)

19. Escrow disburses the wire and records the new lien with the county recorder’s office (up to 24 Hours)

20. Borrowers are now officially homeowners and can receive the keys to their new home (If Purchase)